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Peter Griffin won the matc










Peter Griffin won the matc
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Peter Griffin won the match, 18-4, between Cleveland Orenthal Brown Sr., and Peter Griffin used this escape. He made his signature "Corner three" shots at a time to win the game. The footage may appear all too real to anyone who's played 2K22 against a talented Sharpshooting guard.

This Post Hook strategy may not become a norm, you may want to be aware of it in your Park and Rec games from now out. Kevin Durant, NBA All-Star and creator of 2K22 content is working hard in the offseason. Kevin Durant went on an incredible winning streak last night along with some 2K content creators.

The NBA Finals ended in July and the offseason officially began. This allowed players to take the much-needed time off. While some players had to travel abroad or take extravagant vacations, others were able to get some great gaming time with NBA 2K22.

The season is beginning and the season opener for 2022 is just two weeks away. A few superstars are working hard to get their final few hours back in the arena. Kevin Durant appears to be one of them, trying to begin the new season on a positive level, which is evident from his absolutely dominant win streak that ended last night at the park.

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